The Akuffo House

 Santewase, Akropong-Akuapem, is being developed into a heritage and tourist centre, was built by the late Okuapehene, Nana Kwasi Akuffo in the year 1891 from his own resources, before he ascended the Ofori Stool of Akropong. Most of the remarkable events of his 20-year rule therefore happened within the confines of this imposing edifice.

Of Nana Kwasi Akuffo

On 21st June, 1863 that Opanyin Kofi Bekoe of Kyekurotia, Akropong and Odehye Amma Yeboaa (alias Amma Tanoa) gave birth to Nana Kwasi Akuffo at Akropong. The birth of this bright star took place in the house of Ohemmaa Nana Adwoa Asantewa at about 10.00am

Inauguration of
Nana Kwasi Akuffo Fi

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