The Akuffo House, Santewase, Akropong-Akuapem,

which is being developed into a heritage and tourist centre, was built by the late Okuapehene, Nana Kwasi Akuffo in the year 1891 from his own resources, before he ascended the Ofori Stool of Akropong. Most of the remarkable events of his 20-year rule therefore happened within the confines of this imposing edifice. Although the building had undergone major repairs in the years past, it was in the year 2016 that a major restoration was done to prevent it from falling into permanent disrepair and to make good use of it for the benefit of the family, Akropong and Okuapeman.

The edifice is steeped deep in history and tradition.  Its extensive courtyard and backyard permitted the convenient performance of all the cultural, traditional and household activities of the Omanhene, aside the strict traditions required to be done at the Okuapehene Palace.

Although, Nana Kwasi Akuffo was well educated, having trained as a teacher-catechist, he was also said to be “well-versed in Akan customs and practices”. He loved Akan drum music and taught his many children the art of drumming and drum language. He pioneered the use of Gold in the paraphernalia of chiefs in the Akan and other areas.

Some of his children, like Okyeame Boafo Akuffo and Atta Poku Akuffo, became leading experts in Akan culture with major publications to their credit. The grandchildren are also following the good example of their forebears with this Akuffo Descendants Tourism Project.

The main objective of this project is to use the remarkable history of our grandfather, Okuapehene Nana Kwasi Akuffo to showcase the culture and achievements of the people of Akropong and Akuapem to create a facility for indigenes and visitors to know and learn Akuapem culture. 

The theme chosen for the inauguration is “Our Heritage, Our Pride.”  

Subsequently, this will be a well-run heritage site and tourism facility with an appointed custodian to organise programmes and receive visitors.

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